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About Fairbanks Drama


History of FDA - Founded in 1963 by Marlene Bell, Liz Wills and Hap Ryder, the original organization was called “Fairbanks Children’s Theatre." Three years later was revamped to be the Fairbanks Drama Association and Children’s Theatre. Fairbanks Drama Association and Children’s Theatre has produced 51 consecutive seasons of community theatre.

A Snapshot of FDA today - Fairbanks Drama Association and Children’s Theatre is a true community theatre—governed by a fifteen member volunteer board of directors. FDA has one full time staff person: Managing Director Peggy Ferguson. All productions and programs are volunteer operated. FDA is always recruiting volunteer actors, directors, technicians, designers, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, groundskeepers, janitors, ushers, concessions and bar salespersons, costumers and properties masters and stage managers. It’s easy to get involved: Just call 456-PLAY and let staff know you are interested in being a part of the collaborative team. We need folks of all talents and ability levels!

The main stage performing season consists of six productions between September and May, annually. Each production has a three-weekend run of performances for our community audiences. Additionally, each summer, we produce THE DRAMA PROJECT – a professional theatre training program for children and young people during June and August featuring a staff of professional theatre educators. FDA-FCT also produces fund raising events annually such as our “Hearts Round-Up Mortgage Makers Party" in February, our “Bribes for Broadway” fundraiser in April, and our “Mystery Dinner Theatre” event in July. Our Mission Statement: To teach, produce, present and support quality theatre for children and adults in the Fairbanks area and the State of Alaska.

About the FDA Children's Theatre


The Fairbanks Drama Association (FDA) was first the Fairbanks Children's Theater (FCT) in 1963. Professor Elizabeth Wills and Marlene Bell, the organizers, started with a $600 grant from the Fairbanks chapter of the American Association of University Women. Their first production, the Emperor's News Clothes, was held at Schiable Hall and was artistically and financially successful.

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Board of Directors


President: Cindy Wright

Vice Presendent: Steve Mitchell

Secretary: Nora Foster

Treasurer: Judy Tolbert

Historian: Dr. Clay Triplehorn



Walter Benesch & Pauline Chamness



Luke William



Bev Byington, Teri Spires, Joan Soutar, Bobbie Tarkianinen, Gregory Shipman, Margret Van Flein, Cynthia Steiner


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