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annual 8x10 Festival

New Alaskan Plays

Annual 8X10 Festival of New Alaskan Plays

In January of each year, we seek submissions for the 8X10 Festival of New Alaskan Plays. We ask Alaska residents to send their best 10-minute plays to be considered for this much-anticipated annual event.

Eight winning submissions will be given staged 10-minute readings at the festival in April at the Hap Ryder Riverfront Theater in Fairbanks.

Guidelines for entering scripts include:

• Alaska residents only. One entry per playwright. One author per play. No musicals or children’s plays.

• Submit five copies of each script. Staple or paper-clip the play. Do not use binders or folders of any kind. Plays cannot be returned.

• Put playwright’s name and contact info, including phone and email, on the cover page. This is the only place the author’s name should appear. A cast of characters page with brief character descriptions and time and place the play takes place in should follow the cover page. Number the pages beginning with the first page of dialogue.

• Plays should be between 8 and 12 minutes, based on one minute of playing time per page of script, and should be in 12-point font size and should be written in standard playwriting format. Cast size should be no more than eight actors.

• Please, no electronic submissions or express mail. Submissions must be postmarked or hand-delivered no later than the deadline to 8X10 Festival, Fairbanks Drama Association/ Looking Glass Group Theatre, 1852 Second Ave., Fairbanks, Alaska, 99701

2018 deadlines and more information to come. For more information, contact Peggy MacDonald Ferguson, executive director of the Fairbanks Drama Association, at 456-PLAY.